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The Campaign for Body Confidence

Founding Partner


Join the national movement to combat body image anxiety and help everyone in the UK enjoy a healthy and positive attitude to their body.

The Campaign for Body Confidence launches this autumn. Learn more here and sign up now to be a part of the movement for change.

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Body Confidence Awards

What are the Body Confidence Awards?

This year we are holding the second Body Confidence Awards where we recognise the organisations and individuals who are ensuring that real, healthy bodies are reflected and celebrated across society.

Our categories focus on:


Enabling children and parents to build body confidence through access to high quality information, resources and networks.

Health and wellbeing

Promoting body confidence based on healthy living and general wellbeing, not just appearance and weight.

Social responsibility in media and advertising

Encouraging media, business and advertisers to improve body confidence by accurately and positively reflecting the body diversity of the UK population.

Nominations from stakeholders

If you are a stakeholder in the campaign you can download the nomination form here. The deadline for nominations is Midnight on Thursday 18 September. If you would like to make more than one nomination, please submit one form per nomination.

The nominees will be judged by a panel of experts and winners will be announced at a ceremony on Thursday 16th October at the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons.

This is your chance to nominate the individuals and organisations that are doing amazing work to combat low body confidence.

Vote now: People’s Choice award

The People’s Choice will be awarded to someone who is inspiring individuals and speaking out about the importance of body confidence.

Below are six people who we think are helping people to be more body confident.

Gok Wan

Gok is famous for TV appearances encouraging women to be comfortable in their bodies.

Sarah Millican

Sarah blogged against negative media comments on her recent BAFTA outfit suggestion.

Tyger Drew-Honey

Tyger admits to insecurities in his body and has done two relevant documentaries connected to body image anxiety.

James Partridge

James has written, broadcast and advocated on the subject of accepting one’s appearance for many years and set up the charity ‘Changing Faces’ to support and represent people with disfigurements of any cause.


Adele has gracefully refused to change herself despite criticisms within an often judgmental music industry.

Stefanie Reid

Stefanie is an inspirational paralympian and recent model for Debenhams, Stefanie frequently talks passionately about celebrating who you are.


More than half of the UK population suffers from body image anxiety, feeling anxious about how their body looks and functions. It causes low self-esteem and depression, leading to serious health problems such as eating disorders and obesity, high-risk behaviours such as drug use, lack of participation at school and poor progression at work.

In 2012, the widely publicised All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image Report “Reflections on Body Image” revealed the gravity and extent of the problem:

  • Girls as young as five now worry about how they look
  • By the age of 10, body image is the single biggest concern for millions of children and by 14, half of girls and a third of boys have started dieting
  • Most bullying in school targets appearance
  • The vast majority of young people today would rather be thin than healthy
  • Media, advertising and celebrity culture were perceived by almost 75% of respondents to the [APPG] consultation to be the main social influences on body image

In response to the report, the Campaign for Body Confidence has been developed by an influential group of charities, trade associations and businesses and is supported by the Government. Launching in the autumn and designed to become a national movement for change, it will bring together and promote all the work in this area, including related campaigns, focusing on three issues in particular:


Enabling children and parents to build body confidence through access to high quality information, resources and networks, prioritising the incorporation of an evidence-based, body confidence education programme into the national curriculum.

Health & Wellbeing:

Promoting body confidence based on healthy living and general wellbeing, not just appearance and weight, prioritising the replacement of the language of “weight loss” with positive, healthy living messages.

Social Responsibility in Media & Advertising:

Encouraging the media, business and advertisers to improve body confidence by accurately and positively reflecting the UK’s body diversity; prioritising their commitment to socially responsible best practice.


The Government Equalities Office supports the Campaign for Body Confidence and also runs the Government’s own Body Confidence Campaign. It works with a wide range of organisations across government and industry to address the causes of low levels of body confidence in society by:

  • Raising awareness of body image and raising debate
  • Working with industry (media, retail, advertising, fitness, fashion and beauty) to represent and celebrate more diverse and realistic images of men, women and children
  • Encouraging girls’ aspirations and confidence in their full value and social contribution

It has:

  • Published research evidence on the causes and effects of poor body image
  • Published resources for parents, teachers and young people to support resilience, media literacy and active citizenship around the issue of body image
  • Hosted a series of roundtables where experts, activists and opinion-formers share knowledge and debate solutions.

The Government’s 2013 Body Confidence Progress Report details progress to date.

Help & Resources

The Campaign for Body Confidence launches in the autumn, with a new website that will become the UK’s leading source of advice and information on body image and building body confidence. In the meantime, here’s a selection of some of the best help, campaigns and resources currently available.

Dove, as the founding partner of Campaign for Body Confidence , has been actively leading the body confidence debate and education ever since the Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004.

The Dove Self-esteem Project was founded in 2005 and aims to equip young people with the tools they need to embrace a diverse range of beauty options, raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential. This includes hosting a Dove Self Esteem website, designed to arm parents with tools to help their girls overcome beauty-related anxieties and reach their full potential, and working with a number of charity partners to deliver free body confidence workshops in and outside schools.


The Campaign for Body Confidence is dependent on the generous investment of our Partner and Supporters. If you would like to add your support to the campaign through sponsorship, grants or donations, please contact Christina Comber at YMCA England. We apologise that we’re unable to deal with other enquiries at this time.